quieting the mind

Finally- the bewitching hour has arrived. And with it my ever-growing family of school books gets shoved off the bed onto the floor to remain silent and not talk back to me. The soothing sounds of darkness calm my overactive mind. My body finally has a fighting chance to overcome my mind-ego.

I spent some time today trying to appease both body & mind studying out at Chelsea Piers overlooking the Hudson. I am increasingly feeling out of my element here. There is so much beauty to be found in this city but it is difficult to share it with so many people at times. Bastille Day celebrations today was a case in point. Central Park South was transformed into a Parisian street faire yet so many people were coming at me from all directions that it felt suffocating. I left without even eating a crepe! Part of me wants to run back to Maui immediately but I know Maui- it is always there for me with open arms waiting to caress me and put me back at ease, back in my element.

To not anticipate sunsets, or even be aware of sunsets seemed intolerable at first arrival here, now it just seems normal in an abnormal way. I try to listen to the night rhythms but I do not always hear. My body feels so much more relaxed here in the darkness. Daylight hours are spent traversing the city through subterranean tunnels in the earth- yet I feel so removed from the earth. I can't explain it yet I can feel it so I suppose it is nearly pointless to attempt to document this in words.
What I can express is the delight I take in the culinary arts available here. Yesterday I found a Himalayan Restaurant down on E. Houston that I can't wait to try out! Anything I feel like eating is a few subway stops away at most! It is incredibly rewarding to know this. To taste such exotic food