2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume XI North Carolina to Virginia

2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume XI North Carolina to Virginia

See South Carolina...  I kid, I kid...

North Carolina has a super awesome Welcome Center/Rest Area coming from I-85. There are so many woodlands here in the South. I didn't even realize that there were logging operations here. I thought tobacco was the only industry here. I'm still waiting for a "Dukes of Hazzard" type car to come cruising up beside us... Yes I know, cliche.

I spent some time in North Carolina's Outer Banks when I was a teenager. My older sister and I camped out all around the area: Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Cape Hatteras, Okracoke Island, etc. She had this huge, white German Shepherd, Talvid, that came with us in her dodge Pacer. Guard dog...

After doing this cross-country cruising for 2 summers now I start to think about my brother David, and all the cross-country hitchhiking he surely did as well as train-hopping. I'm sure we have seen many of the same sights, roads, rest areas, etc. I definitely have his gene for wanderlust that perhaps the rest of the clan doesn't have. Well, maybe we all do actually. As a family, we were always driving across the country for summer vacations. Anyway, I think about David often when traveling.

North Carolina gets a solid thumbs up for rest areas on the highway. About every 40 miles it seems there is a sign. They are all really scenic too and in wooded, quiet areas. There is always a specific pet area where you can walk your pets and let them poo. There is always a separate car parking from semi-truck parking. And there is always toilet paper in the bathrooms!