2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume XIX Wisconsin - The Finale.

2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume XIX Wisconsin - The Finale.

6pm.  Feels good to be driving again... It was not a good day. But the good news is that here we are at the finale of the 2014 Rolling Thru Amerika on 18 Wheels a Semi-Truck "Truck" Tour :). It's a smooth easy ride with little traffic on the road. Well, it is Sunday evening and it is rural Wisconsin...

I'm on strict orders to not drink any liquids as we. Are racing against time (truck laws on hours a day you can drive, or these other crazy laws that I don't understand).

Milwaukee. I went through here last year and thought it was so beautiful, and it really is. This little city has so many churches with these incredible steeples. The architecture is amazing.

As we headed through Green Bay I was thinking to myself that another journey is coming to an end.  I'm sure Mr. J.S. was thinking the same thing.  It has been a fantastic trip across Amerika, again. It was definitely time to 'hop off the bus' as I was antsy to get moving- as in like running and hiking.  Sitting on one's ass for nearly 2 weeks in a moving vehicle can be trying at best.  I don't know how trucker's do it, but they do- and the LOVE it...

We headed to the meet-up spot at the rest area off the highway.  I called my mom and her and my brother were at the rest area as well- except on the opposite side of the highway.  After that initial hiccup, we met up and did the hand-off of merchandise- me! We all sat around for a while on the picnic bench and talked story- as human beings are prone to do :)

So this was the end of my "Rolling Thru Amerika on 18 Wheels "Truck" Truck Tour, but we still had 1 last stretch of highway to master, my family and I.  The drive from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Iron Mountain, Michigan- in the "UP" or Upper Peninsula of the state. My mom's trusty Subaru Forrester got us home in a little over 2.5 hours.  Soon enough we were nestled inside our house talking more story.

More on that later though...