2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume VI Laredo, Texas toLouisiana border.

2014: Rolling thru Amerika on 18 Wheels. Volume VI Laredo, Texas to Louisiana border.

We are stocked up on food and drink and ready to rock and roll down the highway. Off we go!  Stay tuned y'all because I'll be coming in live and direct from Dixieland in no time :)

Sign spotted nearing San Antonio from the south: "Littering is unlAWFUL". I thought that was pretty neat for obvious reasons. That should be a road sign campaign in a both turkey and the Middle East... Pisses me off to see people just throw shit from their cars. I mean, it happens here in Amerika too, but if the police see you do it, it's a major fine- MAJOR fine. That's what it takes to make dense people stop doing shirty things- major fines... Nuff said...

Looks like a thunderstorm brewing from the northwest. We're heading for Houston, Texas now, and Beaumont after that (border with Louisiana).

There's a saying when entering/leaving Texas: "Texas- come on vacation, leave on probation." I wonder why they say that actually.

Shit Mr. J.S. says on the road:
Every time we pass so e dilapidated old house, barn, etc, "I can fix that up"
Every time we see something weird going on, "you just can't make this shit up"

Shit Holly says on the road:
Every time we wonder about some landmass, fact, etc: " I can look that up" For example, when I get some wifi next stop I'm going to look up:

* The saying "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care."

* What is the difference between a "recreational vehicle" (RV) and a Mobile Hone? There must be a difference in thing to do about the legality of hungry vehicle and moving it, etc.

* What does the Fleur d'leis symbolize for Louisiana?

* What class of species do turtles belong to? Reptiles?

* Ask my mom how my father acquired a taste for pickled Pigs Feet.

Just passed "Woman Hollering Creek" in Cibolo, Texas. Very descriptive. I can look that up...

Passing rain squall

There's a graveyard of blown-out truck tires on the highways in Texas. Lots of road kill too.  Driving a bit hairy between San Antonio and Houston. It seemed like every 10 mile intervals traffic turned to shit with cars speeding and braking, etc. It reminded me of driving in Bahrain... I'm not joking. It looks like we will hit Houston just after rush hour. This is good.

So we are carrying a load of Hershey's Chocolate to Pennsylvania. Twenty-one tons of chocolate candy bars to be exact. Peppermint Patties are among them- prolly my favorite brand of shitty chocolate bars...

8am Wednesday
Going through Lake Charles industrial area. The sun is rising and wispy clouds smother the sky. The air is moist and heating up the atmosphere. The place looks like a swamp- a beautiful, green humid swamp that is alive with weird wild life, as well as potential deadly wildlife: alligators, Water Moccasins (snakes), etc... This place is a spurge that soaks up tears from the sky.

Just passed Bland Cemetery. Billboards advertise lawyers that deal with accidents with semi-trucks, riverboat casinos in Louisiana and factory outfits for western wear and cowboy boots. Car dealerships literally litter Texas. Can't believe how many of them are in every town- even here in east Texas, which certainly doesn't seem to benefit from oil wealth like the rest of Texas.

Blue Elbow Swamp is on my right and BINGO! Folks we just hit the Louisiana state line :)