Maui- roger that...

Home alone- the Maui diary: chapter 1. "Slow and Steads Wins the Race"

Kula. Fresh air. Rarified air. Night sounds. Animal noises. Earth quivers. Hawaii. Yea, sweet sounds Maui makes at night. Daytime too, but there is something extra special about the night. There always is. Especially on Maui. It's somewhere between taking the time to stop and listen and hear,  and to just produce this behavior naturally, without a thought that you are actually 'doing it' but already engaged. That. That's IT.

My commentary this evening is from Kula HQ at ... Well you know her as I've described that she still has a check book register :). She thinks I amuse myself way too much with that one, but she should know the immense lesson that is for me- keep to a pattern that works. Slow and steady wins the race. That's right, I'm totally katie-girl's #1 fan girl. She's preggers if you don't know!  Yes, I love watching this one evolve in this world. 

I just spotted the Biracik Hand towel I gave her (last year after I went to Biracik, on the Euphrates in SE Turkey) in her kitchen. Also, the Amethyst - encrusted hand mirror in her bathroom :) my old, wicker file cabinet baskets are proudly  displayed in the dining room in a splendid state of decay.  Ahhh I've filed many a good piece of paper in those drawers of old *sigh*. But thats IT. I secretly must love tradition because  these little things make me smile in life when at Katie-girl's. And it is that tradition I find in her house that makes me keep up my tradition of leaving "tiny messages" as I call them rough out her house in odd places!!! Like little surprise presides that her and Jamil happen upon whenever. 
And then I see instances where she has broke tradition: on the absence of the water filter in fridge, that shower cleaner thing that was in her shower for years and years is gone. It was strange. She got it at a garage sale I think. She was happy. She loved that thing. When I would visit, I would use it (after you showered, you would press a magic button and this thing would rotate and spray and clean shower. It  just made me smile every time I used it.  I love useful magic. Katie-girl excels at useful magic. 

It's noon in Bahrain- the next day. Have no idea the rime here really. Time. Yea, time travel trips me out. Those 50's sci-fi series. They were good for the imagination, and have relevance for the present. Watching old Star Trek series and seeing Dr. Spock & crew re-combining in their little particle re-combiner contraption, this always amazed me.  Today, as I was on my last day of a 2 solid day flight journey, I visualized this. I visualized myself- without knowing it initially. Our bodies are doing just that from the inside, but we just don't see it because of our protective layering ((skin & psyche). 

BREAKING NEWS: I'm heading into the tent...

Night sounds surround me. Exactly what I need. I need my mind blown- Maui style. Maui does not disappoint ever. I feel really lucky to always return. Ahhh Maui and it's moisture and nurishment from the mountains and the far reaching clouds that look for somewhere throughout their march across  the Pacific Ocean to unleash their rainy fury. As I type underneath the li'l camp light, I hear melodic sounds.  Insects - they sound so exotic at night. In daylight hours one usually wants to smash them dead. Oh the dichotomy of contemplating insects... 

"Tent" is a 'pup-tent'. Hopefully the rain-fly becomes of use tonight :) The tropical coolness in the air envelops my skin. Like it knows my skin is craving rain. Craving moisture. Craving Maui. How can Maui know a thing like that? 

I , of course, did my centipede check. Always a good idea. Always. By the way, I have hot-peppered beef jerky and chocolate in Tent with me... I went and visited Oppo (Katie-girl's Chinchilla). Oppo, old man,   And myself- having intra-species communications of the mind. Oh Star Trek... 

I mean, I have just been transported- back in time. Back in Maui psyche mode. Back to the space I am most comfortable in. I thought about exactly that as I stepped outside Tent to pee. Peeing in nature. All animals do it. We Hope Sapiens can still do it too- especially at night when no one is around and you're sleeping underneath the stars. Anyway, great feeling.  'Too much information' you're thinking? Well, I'm thinking that's why you read blogs- because you want more information!  Anyway, I try not to disappoint readers so... There ya have it. 

Okay moving on to another subject... I guess I can bombard you with more information. I now hear bigg-ish raindrops spaced quite a few seconds apart. No downpour- yet!!! Wouldn't THAT be something? 

One thing to mention for those of is that travel long distances frequently is that air travel used to be so great. Now, it's just lines, taking laptops outta computer bags for security checks, retaking shoes off (only in America still do I seem to do this at airports) going through security mazes, walking down too narrow of aisles, not getting enough sleep, eating shit food, etc. It all sucks. What feels good? First class. This is an experience I rarely experience, but today I saw my angel in the form of a Hawaiian girl at the United Airlines counter at LAX. I had a window seat and wanted to change to aisle, and I had a 5 hour layover at LAX so I walked up.. She did the computer magic thing and saw my route for the past 2 days and looked at me and said, "Oh, you're getting upgraded to First Class'". Man, local style!  I get me some 'wasta' back home in Hawaii ( "wasta" or 'Baksheesh' is kinda like 'privilege' maybe is a decent word to use to describe a synonym). 

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last blog entry, I tend to get sat next to kinda hunky guys on airplanes. This time too. We managed to have a fantastic conversation right from the start. Then, I woke up 5 hours later when the airline attendant came on and said that we would be landing soon... Yea. That's what First Class does to one. It let's you sleep- even through having a conversation with a kinda hunky guy :)

I wonder what time it is. *Kerplunk*

Ps  didn't spell check... Don't need to because Maui is IN my mind. It was like an instant blood transfusion of Vitamin M for Maui... Yea folks it's all that. Oh yes, da kine got me and got me good. No let go da reins :)